10 Traits of Top Producers

Being a high producing real estate professional is no accident.  High producers work hard to achieve excellence at their craft.  Here are the Top 10 elements that make up a high producer.

  1. They have a vision of where they are going in their careers and have extremely strong desire and ambition to be successful for themselves and their families.
  2. They are organized.  If they aren’t naturally organized they either learn to be or hire outside help or an assistant to keep them organized.
  3. They have a business plan, marketing plan and a budget.  They know what activities they are going to do week by week and month by month.
  4. They are reliable and accountable.  They promptly and regularly return phone messages and emails not waiting for several days to do so.
  5. They are dedicated to customer service and client satisfaction.  They realize that happy clientele will be future clientele and will refer them to their families and friends.
  6. They constantly re-educate themselves.  They stay current with not only the current market and trends but look toward upcoming markets and emerging real estate technology.
  7. They maintain and build on a large sphere of influence that produce a high number of referrals.
  8. They stay consistent in their prospecting marketing and branding efforts.
  9. They are consistent and organized in their follow up with prospective buyers and sellers.  If they say they will call you in a month they do.
  10. They see failure as a bump in the road.  They see failure as temporary.  It’s an  opportunity to learn something new and an opportunity to enhance their sense of humor.

Most successful people will admit that there is an element to success that involves some good fortune.  However, ultimately success has much less to do with good luck than it does about hard work and forward thinking.