Goal Setting

Setting goals on a regular basis and reviewing them consistently can greatly improve your real estate production. Not just production goals but personal goals as well. Without setting goals we find ourselves without direction just floating in the real estate market waiting to bump in to a motivated buyer or seller. In setting goals it’s best to be specific, detailed about what they are and even more importantly, written down. Not just a goal of getting “more” listings but specifically how and when to get them such as, a goal to contact five FSBO’s or expired listings per week or having three open houses in the next four weeks or spending $75 per month on pay per click keywords to increase your website search engine optimization.

Personal goals also help improve production because they work as motivation to help us remember why we are working so hard. They need to be specific too and can be in many shapes and sizes. A small goal could be a new suit or a weekend vacation. What is the color, fabric, style and cost of the suit? Where is the weekend destination, what are the planned activities, how much is the travel and stay? A large goal could be a luxury automobile, yacht or new home. Again the details should be written down. What is the make, model, color, and interior of the car or yacht? Where is the home? Get photographs of your goals and review them daily. Go to the dealer and test drive the car. The more familiar you are with your goals the more motivated you will become.

Here are 4 goal setting websites to help you set and achieve your goals.


Goal setting has been around forever but its power and effectiveness never grows old.