How to Get Leads With Your Camera

Ever thought about using your digital camera to get more buyers and sellers?  Here is a great technique to do that.  First of all it requires that you sell and close a home, that you do a great job for your buyer, and that they think you are terrific. There is an old saying that applies here. “If you make one new friend you may have made 20.  If you make one new enemy you may have made 20 of those too”.

Once you’ve closed and your buyer has taken possession of their new home, call and tell them you want to bring by a house warming gift. (You should do this regardless, i.e. a dozen roses, champagne, engraved door knocker, etc.).  Take your digital camera and a tripod with you.  After giving them your gift ask them to take a photo of them, with you in it, in front of their new home holding the gift.

The roses work well here.

Set up the shot, set the timer and get in the photo.  Repeat the process until you get a good photo.  Show your buyer the photo from your camera screen and say, “This is a great photo and I know you are busy getting settled so I would like to help with that. I would like to send a copy of this photo to all of your friends and family with your new address and contact info.”  Let them give you their list of friends and send out the photo with their new info and yours too. 

Of course, depending on your relationship with them, they may say, “Just send us a copy and we’ll send it ourselves”. You reply “Not a problem, I’ll email it to you right away”.   Download the photo to your computer and with your photo editor place text at the bottom that says, “(your name), REALTOR, and John & Jane Doe in front of their new home, your contact info and theirs.

Asking for referrals is always the best way to go.  However, there’s nothing like getting them anyway.