Invest In Your Business

If you met an entrepreneur who told you they were about to open a gas station, daycare, jewelry store or a restaurant and they told you they were going to invest no money and spend very little time at the business what would you think? Crazy? Doomed to failure?  How can you do that?

The vast majority of people in the real estate business are real estate company owners AND commission based independent contractors.  Both are entrepreneurs.  However, most real estate sales people don’t invest in their business and don’t spend enough effective time growing it.  The same as any other entrepreneur that is to become successful you must invest money as well as time into growing your business.

I don’t make enough money to spend it on my business.”  We aren’t talking about spending.  That’s money you spend on groceries and housing.  We are talking about investing.  That’s money wisely used that will be returned to you with more money attached.

Many real estate agents are focused on getting leads.  They want their companies to provide them or even buy them from companies who generate them from Internet websites.  Most ongoing businesses aren’t that interested in leads.  Restaurants, auto repair shops, plumbers, department stores are interested in customers.  Repeat customers. Thinking about your real estate career as a business that you need to invest in to get repeat customers is a much more profitable frame of mind or business philosophy than chasing lead after lead.

Most real estate sales licensees have paid their association dues, have a computer, peripherals, scanner, printer, cell phone  and one of the most obligatory but archaic promotional tools, the business card.  That’s where the investment usually stops.

Invest in marketing. Invest in advertising. Invest in personal promotion. Invest in maintaining your past clients and relationships.  Invest in a website. Invest time in planning. Invest time in executing all of that.  That’s what successful entrepreneurs do.  They get their money back with a profit.  You can too.