Open Houses Don’t Work…..Really???

Ever have an open house and nobody shows up?  We have learned some great techniques from a few really sharp real estate agents that helped them pack their open houses.  We want to share what I have learned with you. Here’s part of the secret…If you’re going to have a party and don’t invite any people, don’t expect anyone to show up. Here’s what I learned:

  • Plan your open house at least a week in advance. It will give you enough time to properly promote it.
  • Print invitations and hand deliver or mail them to the closest 100 to 200 homes nearest the open house. Neighbors might know someone interested in the neighborhood or better yet they may be curious about selling their home.
  • Post the open house event on your Facebook page, Tweet it, email your entire “Sphere Of Influence” and all of the cooperating brokers in the area.
  • Print and place flyers on all of the area bulletin boards, supermarkets, laundromats, car washes, HOA and apartment clubhouses
  • Run a daily ad on for the week before the open house

The day of the open house:

  • Make sure the seller isn’t present at the open house.  It reduces the chance your buyers will be honest about their opinion.
  • Use at least 12 directional signs with helium balloons or flags attached to be eye catching.
  • Put balloons or flags around the front of the house and for sale sign to make the event look festive, and one open house rider.
  • Run the sprinkler system for 30 minutes to green up the lawn.
  • Open all the window treatments and turn on all the lights in the home. Open all the doors if possible.
  • If there is a gas fireplace light it. (If it’s in the summer turn up the A/C.  Show off the homes features).
  • If there is a pool and/or spa turn on the jets.
  • Make sure the seller has straightened up, if not, do it yourself.
  • Have hot coffee and tea available. The buyers will linger while the hot drink cools giving you more time to build rapport.
  • Don’t sit in the back of the house doing paperwork. Be proactive!
  • Stand outside the front door if you have no guests. As people drive by slowly wave to them and encourage them to stop in.
  • Don’t have your guests use a sign-in guest book.  It’s a hassle for them, they might not give you correct info, or you might not be able to read their handwriting.
  • Ask for their business card or ask them for their name, phone and email address while you write on a clipboard.  Ask them to call you right now on your cell so you can save the number.

A lot of work?  What isn’t that produces results.  If you use these tips you will have a great turn out to your open house and lots of new leads.