Seller Leads Using Tech

Everyone in the real estate sales business wants new leads.  Some of us are willing to pay online services several $100s per month for them.  But what are those leads?  They are buyers.  Sometimes they are sellers, who are disguised as buyers, trying to get local info about their own home before they put it on the market For Sale.  Here a few simple things to think about.

  1. Most online leads are Buyers (some are Sellers pretending to be Buyers. You need to know how to sort that out).
  2. Buyers mostly come to you from existing listings (yours and others online) or personal referrals.
  3. Getting Buyers comes from getting listings.

We all know that buyers actually pay the commission even although it’s the sellers that really pay it on the HUD 1.  But it’s the buyer’s money and lender’s money that fund our paychecks.

Generating listings is the key! Then you have buyers that search the Internet.  Take a look at this 30 minute video.  No cost.  No sales pitch.  It’s a video of how we keep Morris Williams Realty Associates informed of marketing techniques twice per month. “Getting Listings Using Technology” is how to set up a technology based system to regularly get listings. Sign up to watch the video.

Getting listings using tech (video)