Tips on Staying Organized in Real Estate

Staying organized is a big part of being successful in real estate sales.  There is a lot to remember such as contingency deadlines, follow up calls, escrow deposits and so on.  There are many agents who just try to remember it all, others that keep a notebook and still other real estate agents just make notes on scraps of paper.  If you are used to using a CRM or PIM application you probably have your reminders automated.  But if not, here are a few online services and programs that will help you remember these things and create your to-do list. is a free and simple website that you can sign up for and features week overview, check off, delete, move tasks, someday bucket, jump to a date in the future, automatic rollover of unchecked tasks, edit existing tasks, sync with the mobile version (iPhone app), and multiple accounts (iPhone app only). is a free download that allows you to make notes, shoot and save photos or websites, or grab screen shots.  Once your notes or photos are saved they are indexed and made searchable.  You can tag the notes with keywords to make it even easier to find. It works on computers or phones.


For more intricate scheduling you may want to use a calendar. may be a solution.  They offer a free “lite” version as well as a paid, full feature version.  It’s a customizable calendar application that loads onto your desktop for easy reference like a widget. Not only can you enter your to-do tasks but also set up your appointments, events and alarms.  It even translates into 50 or so languages.


No one likes to remember what to do too late.  Some of the smaller tasks can end up being some of the most important to get to a timely closing.  That’s one thing that most real estate agents never forget about. A closing.